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Do you like talking about clothes and fashion, but don’t know how to do it in English? In this conversation you will practice talking in English about clothing styles, brands, fabrics, your favorite clothing stores and more. Try the “Creative” version with someone else, and have fun! If you need help, please try the “Completed” conversation as well.

Instructions: Complete your part using the English you already know. For help, you can look at the “Completed” conversation which has the blanks already filled in.

A: Wow, __(Name)__. Are those new clothes you’re wearing?

B: Oh, hi __(Name)__. (Yes/No), these clothes are ____________.

A: They look ____________.  So when did you get them?

B: Well, ________________________.

A: __________. So, what’s your favorite style of clothing?

B: Well, I really like to wear ____________ clothing that is _______________________ because _____________________________________.

A: I see. That’s ___________. Do you have a favorite brand of clothing you like to buy?

B: ______________________________.

A: And where do you by most of your clothes?

B: I like to buy most of my clothes _______________________________.

A: That’s _______________________. And what clothing fabrics do you like? cotton, wool, a mix, or synthetic fabrics?

B: I mostly just wear ___________ clothes because _________________________.

A: And, do you like to wear clothes for a long a long time before you get rid of them? or do you like to wear clothing for a short time and buy new clothes often?

B: Hmmmm…. I prefer to wear clothes for ____(How Long?)____ because ___________________________________.

A: I see. Well, James, I think you’ve got a pretty _________ sense of taste, ______. I ____________ like your style.

B: Thanks. I _________ like your style too, ___(Name)_____.

A: Hey, I gotta go now. See you later! 

B: Alright. See you later!

Question: What is your biggest challenge when trying to practice English conversation? Please tell me in the comments below!



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