Stage 1: Alphabet

Alphabet: 1- The 26 Letter Names

Alphabet Videos

Please watch through the additional Alphabet Video Topics below.

2: Lower & Upper Case Letters

3: Cursive & Print Letters

4: Vowels & Consonants



Here are the resources recommended for use with the video above.

Alphabet Sheet


Print Flashcards


Cursive Flashcards


Next Steps

Alright! Well done going through the Alphabet Lesson videos.

If you haven't already, please:

  1. Read through the Alphabet Chapter in ABC Journey.
  2. 26 Letter Names- Print out and use the 1 page alphabet and print and cursive alphabet flashcards
    (Practice this every day going throught the letters in alphabetical order and random order until they've mastered the names of the letters)
  3. Lower & Upper Case- Use the 1 page Alphabet list in the book (or download, above), jumping back and forth, pointing to and asking your child to identify Lower and Upper-Case letters.
  4. Cursive & Print- Use the 1 page Alphabet list, jumping back and forth, pointing to and asking your child to identify Cursive and Print letters.
  5. Vowels & Consonants- Use the 1 page Alphabet list in the book, jumping back and forth, pointing to and asking your child to identify Vowel and Consonant letters.
  6. Ask your child to identify letters in different places; when going on a trip to town, on posters and signage, on menus, food boxes, license plates, books, money, packaging, etc. Ask, "What letter is this? Is this upper or lower case? Print or Cursive? A vowel or consonant? Very good, you genius, you!" (Correct answers may be followed by giving your child an epic high-five, fist-bump, or tickle attack. They'll love it!)
  7. Once your child has practiced all of the names of the 26 letters, understands the difference between upper and lower case, cursive and print, and vowels and consonants then click "Mark Complete" below, and move on to the Handwriting stage.

Please make sure your child has master all of the Alphabet topics before moving on to the Handwriting Lesson. They should be able to indentify the letter names and categories automatically.

Keep up the good work! You're doing great!