2- Sales (Hard)

Conversation Text

A: Hello, __(name)___. My name is __________. I’m the owner of this company. Please sit down over here.

B: (Sit down) Thank you, ___(name)____. It’s nice to meet you.

A: You can call me _________. So, welcome to __(company name)__, where we specialize in (providing/making/selling) the finest __________.

B: Thank you for giving me this interview. I appreciate it!

A: My pleasure.  __________, why are you applying for a job with our company? (#1)

B: Well, honestly, I _____________________________________.

A: Really, what have you heard about __(company name)__? (#2)

B: Well, _______________________.

A: I understand. So, ___(name)_____, tell me about yourself.  (#3)

B: Well, I am _(age)__. I am from___(place)____. I studied __(what)__, __(where)___.

A: Really?  I think I’ve heard of that place. It’s very_________ and ________. Right?

B: ________________________________.

A: I see. And tell me about your family. (#4)

B: Well, there are _(#)_ people in my family, ____(family members)____________.

A: That’s great. Family is so important. And what do you currently do? (#5)

B: I currently ______(do what?)________.

A: That’s interesting. Do you enjoy your work? (#6)

B: Um, (Yes/No), ___________(Reason why)_______________.

A: I see. Tell me, what are your interests? (#7)

B: Ok, well… I enjoy ___(hobbie 1)______ and ___(hobbie 2)____. And my favorite food is  ___________.  Oh, and sometimes I _______(activity)________ on the weekend.

A: That’s ___________. And what skills or talents do you have that might be beneficial for work here at my company? (#8)

B: Well, I _____________, _____________, and _________________.

A: That’s impressive.   __(name)__, there have been many applicants into my office today, and we can only hire one of you. Please tell me… (look into their eyes)... why should we hire you instead of the other applicants? What is unique about you? What makes you stand out from the crowd? (#9)

B: Well, I think your company should hire me because I ___________________.

A: Ok, __________. I like to hear that. Thank you for coming today. We will call you in a few weeks with our decision. Take care, and have a nice day.

B: ________________________.

Intervew Questions

I have listed the most important questions from this interview below. Please try to answer them by yourself, first. If you have trouble, you can click the '>' triangle to see possible answers and tips on how to answer the question.


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Next Steps

Next steps

  1. Watch the video, and repeat what you hear. 
  2. Pause the video when you need more time to finish a sentence.
  3. Practice the Interview Questions
  4. Check "Mark Complete" button

Please make sure you have mastered all of the questions before moving on to the next lesson. 

Keep up the good work! You're doing great!