Grocery Shopping

This Lesson

In this English conversation we will practice talking about going to the store to do some grocery shopping. What kinds of food and drink would you buy for a party? How much money should you spend? Go find a friend or family member to practice this with! (If the “Creative” conversation is too difficult, please try the “Completed” version first.)

Instructions: Complete your part using the English you already know. For help, you can look at the “Completed” conversation which has the blanks already filled in.

A: Hey ______. I’m so glad that I can go to your party this weekend.  It’s gonna be awesome!

B: Yeah, ______. I’m really excited you can make it. I heard __________ are planning on coming.

A:___________! But to make this party a hit, aren’t you gonna have to buy a lot of food? 

B: That’s right. Can you come with me to the  __(store)__, (in/on) __(place)__ and pick up some things?

A: Sure thing, lets go!  


B: Ok, here we are. I have a budget of about $_______ dollars.

A: That ________________. And what food or snacks are you hoping to get?

B: For food I plan on buying some  _________, and __________.

A: ___________! Anything else?

B: Yeah, I might also want to buy some ____________. What do you think? Do you think people would like that?

A: ______________. (Yeah!/Of course/Definitely/Maybe/I think so/No/Definitely not!)

     And what about drinks?

B: Well, for drinks I was thinking of buying some (1)_______, (2)_______, and my favorite- (3)_________!

A: Wow! Those are ______ choices.

B: Ok, why don’t you go and find the drinks, and I’ll go and find the food.

A: Sounds good. See you in a few minutes. 

B: We’ll meet up here at the front counter when we’ve found everything. Thanks!

A: Ok, see ya!


A: Alright, I found the (1)______, (2)________, and (3) _________.

B: Great! And what else do you have in your hands? What’s that? (Point to hands)

A: Oh, I thought you might also (need/want) some __________. (Mystery food) That’s all.

B: You are a ____________________! Let’s go!

Question: What is your biggest challenge when trying to practice English conversation? Please tell me in the comments below!