How to Learn English in a Focused Way

Your English Journey

Learning English kind of like going on a long journey. If you know where you are going, then it will be easier for you to get to your destination. In the same way, if you think about why you want to learn English, then it will be a reminder for what kinds of English you need to study.

There are so many English-learning resources available, and so many English-learning methods. But how can you decide what is the best for you?

It’s very easy to get confused and discouraged because there is so much information and everyone is saying something different.

Don’t Give Up!

Well, don’t give up! Learning English takes a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In the video above I give you 5 steps that will help give you a little more focus on what kinds of English to study. The video will not solve all of your English-learning problems, but hopefully it will be a good reminder and help you stay focused.

Keep learning and using English every day!

Your Online English Teacher and Friend,


Question: So what is the biggest challenge for you when you are learning and studying English? What is the hardest thing, or the area you wish you could improve? Please tell me in the comments below!