I’m Sick

This Lesson

Have you ever gotten really sick before? What symptoms did you have? In this conversation you will practice talking in English about getting sick and going to see the doctor. Try the “Creative” version with someone else, and have fun! If you need help, please try the “Completed” conversation as well.

Instructions: Complete your part using the English you already know. For help, you can look at the “Completed” conversation which has the blanks already filled in.

A: Hey, __(name)__. You’re not looking very good today. What’s wrong?

B: __(Name)__, I’m not feeling very good. I feel sick. (Act sick)

A: Oh really? What’s wrong? 

B: Oooooh! My __(symptom 1)__ hurts so much!… And I (have/am) __(symptom 2)__.

(Act out the symptoms)

A: Wow! You look really _____________ (bad/sick/terrible).

B: Yes, I feel __________. I haven’t felt this bad in a long time.

A: I think I should take you to see the doctor, immediately.

B: Thanks. Can you drive me?

A: Sure. Let’s go and see what the doctor says.

B: Ooooh! It hurts so much!!! (Act sick) I don’t know if I can take the pain anymore!

A: Please stop whining. Go get your coat and meet me out at the car.

B: Yes, __(Name)__. (Walk away)

(Later at the Doctor’s Office)

A: Hello, my name is doctor __(name)__. Please, sit down over here.

B: Thank you doctor. My name is __(name)__.

A: How can I help you today?

B: Well, doctor, I’m not feeling very well. In fact, I feel _____________.

A: I see. And what symptoms are you having?

B: Well, my ____(symptom 1)_____ hurts really bad. And I (have/am) __(symptom 2)__.

A: I see… Ok, let me take a look. Say “Aawww!”

B: (Open Mouth) “Aawww!”

A: Wow, it looks _________________. Let me check your (pulse). Hmmmm! Not good. Well, James it looks like you have __(sickness)_. You’re going to have to stay home from work for around__(How Long?)___, until you get better. You may go to the front counter get your medicine now.

B: Well, ok doctor. Thank you. Goodbye!

Question: What is your biggest challenge when trying to practice English conversation? Please tell me in the comments below!