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Do you feel confident to do a job interview in English? What types of questions will you be asked? What are some common ways to answer those questions? In this lesson you will practice playing the role of both an employer, and an employee. Now go find someone to practice it with! and have fun! (If you feel the "Creative" conversation is too hard, please try the "Completed" conversation first.)

Instructions: Fill in the blanks using vocabulary you already know. For help, you can look at the conversation in the first tab which has the blanks already filled in.
A: Hello, __(name)___. My name is __________. I’m the owner of this company. Please sit down over here.  B: (Sit down) Thank you, ___(name)____. It’s nice to meet you. A: So, welcome to __(company name)__, where we specialize in (providing/making) the finest __________. (product name or type of service) B: Thank you for giving me this interview. I appreciate it! A: My pleasure.  __(name)__, why are you applying for a job with our company?  B: Well, honestly, I _____________________________________. (#1) A: I understand. ___(name)_____, tell me about yourself.   B: Well, I am _(age)__. And I am from___(place)____. A: __(place)__?  I think I’ve heard of it. It’s very_________ and ________. Right? B: _______________. A: I see. And tell me about your family. Well, there are _(#)_ people in my family, ____(family members)____________. A: That’s great. And what do you currently do?  B: I currently _________________________.(#2) (Study, work, help my father, etc...) A: That’s interesting. Do you enjoy what you do? B: Um, (Yes/No), ___________(Reason why)__________________. (#3) A: I see. Tell me, what are your interests? What do you like and dislike? B: Ok, well… I enjoy _____________ and _____________. My favorite __________ is ___________. And I really dislike _____________ because ____________. (#4) A: Wow. That’s ___________. And what skills or talents do you have that might be beneficial for work here at my company? B: Well, I can/am _____________, _____________, and _________________. (#5) A: That’s_______.   __(name)__, there have been many applicants into my office today, and we can only hire one of you. Please tell me… (look into their eyes)... why should we hire you instead of the other applicants? What is unique about you? What makes you stand out from the crowd? B: Well, I think your company should hire me because I ___________________. (#5) A: Ok, __________. Thank you for coming today. We will call you in a few weeks with our decision. Take care, and have a nice day. B:________________________.

Question: What is your biggest challenge when trying to practice English conversation? Please tell me in the comments below!


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