Media and Life

This Lesson

How much time do you spend every week watching TV, listening to music, and consuming other media? In this conversation you will practice talking in English about how media affects your life. Try the “Creative” version with someone else, and have fun! If you need help, please try the “Completed” conversation as well.

Instructions: Complete your part using the English you already know. For help, you can look at the “Completed” conversation which has the blanks already filled in.

A: Hello, ________. How are you doing today?

B: Oh, hello, _________. I’m doing __________. And you?

A: I’m doing __________. Thanks for asking. Hey, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about how media affects your life?

B: Sure thing, good ahead.

A: How much time do you spend each week watching TV?

B: Well, I probably watch around ______ (minutes/hours) of TV per week.

(If None, skip to next question)

A: I see. And what types of T.V. (programs/channels) do you watch? 

B: I like to watch_______________________ and ________________.

A: What about the internet? Do you use it very often? And why or why not?

B: Well, I (do/don’t) use the internet __________________, because ___________________________________________.

A: Great! What about the Radio or mp3’s or podcasts? Do you listen to anything on a daily basis?

B: Um, I (do/don’t) listen to the radio but I __________________________________.

A: That’s _______. And what about newspapers? Do you often read newspapers? And if so, what parts of the newspaper do you like to read?

B: Hmmmm. Newspapers, newspapers… Well, to tell you the truth, I_______________. I think newspapers are _________________.

A: I (partially/totally) (agree/disagree) with you on that one. And is music a big part of your life?

B: Well, __________________________________________.

A: That’s ________. And what about movies?

B: Movies? Oh, I ______________________________________.

A: I ________. And the final question- How do you think all of this media has affected your life?

B: I think that the overall effect of media on my life has been_____________________.

A: I (partially/totally) (agree/disagree). Hey, thanks for your time, James. Take care.

B: My pleasure___________. See you later.

Question: What is your biggest challenge when trying to practice English conversation? Please tell me in the comments below!