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Teaching your children to read, write, and spell doesn't have to be complicated, or cost you hundreds of dollars for kits, leveled workbooks, teacher's manuals, or monthly fees. Find out more, below!

"Teaching Your Child to Read and Write is Easy When You Follow the Right Path."


Stephen Kurkinen

Homeschool Father of 6
& Founder of

Does This Describe You?

  • I want to teach my child to read and write.
  • I want a simple, straightforward path to follow.
  • I want to use one book to teach both reading, handwriting, and spelling.
  • I don't want to spend a ton of money.
  • I want a lifetime deal- pay once, for all my children, for life.

If any of these describe you, I have some very good news.

Hello, Mr. Webster

In 1783, at the age of 26, Noah Webster (The father of American Education) finished his famous American Spelling book for the purpose of teaching students how to read and write. It sold around 100,000,000 copies! and helped propel America to a near universal literacy rate, around 95%.

Then around the 1820's, the plague of Look-Say reading theory swept through America's educational landscape; forever confusing educators and parents about how our English alphabet really works, and condemning future generations to rampant illiteracy.

But that's all about to change. Noah Webster's spelling method is back, and it's better than ever!

Noah Webster

Introducing: ABC Journey

Teach Your Child to Read, Write, and Spell Using Webster's Proven Method, Now Revised and Updated

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Your Child's Map to Literacy

  • Simple: ABC Journey gives you clear, step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child to read and write. No more working out of multiple books and kits. No more overwhelm. 
  • Proven: ABC Journey is based on Noah Webster's proven methods; now updated and expanded so that modern homeschool parents like you can give your child the best.
  • Comprehensive: Everything your child needs to start on their journey to literacy: Pre-Reading, the Alphabet, Handwriting, Phonics, and Webster's Syllable and Spelling Lessons.
  • Foundational: Equip your child with the key literacy skills they need.
  • All-in-One: Everything you need to teach your child to read and write, all in one book. "One Book to Rule Them All."

In Other Words, Your Child's:







Course Coming Soon!

This reading course is a complete literacy course which will equip you to teach any student, young or old, how to learn the following:

  • Pre-Reading Preparation
  • Stage 1: The Alphabet 
  • Stage 2: Intro to Phonics
  • Stage 3: Handwriting 
  • Stage 4: Webster's Syllabary
  • Stage 5: Webster's Spelling Lists

The course is primarily taught through video lessons and the accompanying e-book, but includes printable flashcards, and practice worksheets.

Course Goal

Going through this book your child will be able to:

Read, Spell, and Write words at a 12th grade level, confidently and accurately.  

ABC Journey E-Book

Read it on any device or print it out

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Your Entire Family's Literacy Foundation- In One Book!

Here's a quick look at what's included when you buy ABC Journey.

  • ABC Journey E-book (Use on your devices, or print it out). The book covers the Pre-Reading Stage, the Alphabet, Handwriting, Phonics, and Webster's Syllabary and Spelling Sections.

  • Resource Library: Get access to a growing online library of resources, including Printable Cursive and Print Handwriting Sheets, Flash-cards, Phonogram audio files, and more.

  • The Family-Friendly Plan: Print and use as many copies of the book and Resource Library items as you need for use with all of your children. That's right, pay once for all of your family members. For-ev-er!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

With a 30 day money back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk to get started. Try out ABC Journey today, and see if it works for you. I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, or I'll give you your money back. Guaranteed!

ABC Journey Companion Course

In this step-by-step Video Course, you will learn how to teach your child to read and write with confidence

  • Confidently guide your child from the pre-reading stage, to mastery of the written word.
  • Learn the essentials steps of reading and writing.
  • Follow the step-by-step path to literacy that Noah Webster and past educators blazed; and which led to the most literate generations in our nation's history.

I created the ABC Journey Companion Video Course to help homeschool parents who want to go deeper in the ABC Journey program; to help those who are just starting out, those who need a little more guidance than just going through the book, those who desire a bit of community while going on the journey, and for those wanting more access to myself.

For those of you looking to get started with your child's reading and writing, I'm here to show you how clear and simple it can really be. Are you ready?

Meet Stephen Kurkinen

Your Friend in the Journey

Stephen Kurkinen, Designer

Hi there, I'm Stephen Kurkinen, one of 7 boys, a fellow homeschooling parent, a father to 6 amazing girls, and an English teacher in Asia since 2004.

Seeking the Ancient Paths

Over the past few years I have spent large amounts time, money, and energy plowing through phonics materials that were either too complex or cumbersome for any normal parent to use; too simplistic and vague, lacking necessary instructions; or just crazy expensive.

In my search for the best homeschooling phonics and writing curriculums for my own children I stumbled upon the classic reading and spelling books used in America and England.

It turns out that intellectual giants of the past (including the father of American Education, Noah Webster) had already figured out the best way to teach our students how to read, pronounce, spell, and write with excellence. But their way was different from the methods used in modern schools, and even most homeschooling curriculum. They taught reading by teaching students to spell words, first

But there are a few main problems with these older materials that affect a modern parent's ability to use them:

  • the absence of clear instructions on how to use the materials 
  • the lack of pre-reading, and handwriting instruction
  • the natural change in word meaning and usage over the centuries

My desire is to take that wisdom of the past, that created generations of literate people, add some of the missing steps, clarify what might cause confusion, and make it easy to use in your own homeschool setting.

The journey to reading and writing should be as clear and straightforward as possible; in language that normal parents and students can understand, and at a price they can afford. That's why I wrote ABC Journey.


ABC Journey is meant to guide your child from the pre-reading stage to a 12th-grade reading and spelling level, as well as give your child the skills to write in elegant cursive.

With daily work through this book, you can be confident in your ability to teach your child to read and write, and be confident that your child will have everything they need to succeed on their Journey to Literacy.

In Your Service,

Stephen Kurkinen

Fellow Homeschool Father, and Friend along the Path.




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Stages Covered in ABC Journey


1. Pre-Reading Stage

In this lesson I cover the question- "When should I begin to teach my child to read and write?" I also suggest a variety of activities you can do with your child to build a solid language foundation, and how to improve their:

  • Language abilities
  • Reading preparation
  • Writing preparation, and
  • Linguistic awareness


2. Alphabet

In this lesson we cover:

  • The names of the 26 letters of the English alphabet
  • Lower & upper case
  • Cursive & print
  • Consonants and vowels, and
  • Helping your child identify the alphabet in different forms of print.


3. Handwriting

In this lesson we go over the following elements of cursive handwriting:

  • How to Posture Your body
  • Paper Angle and Handling
  • Pen grip
  • How to write the 26 Letters of the Alphabet, in lower and upper case


4. Phonics

In the Phonics Stage we introduce the letter-to-sound connection:

  • The basic sounds that vowels and consonants make (phonograms)
  • How to Blend those sounds into syllables and words (decoding)
  • How to write simple words of one syllable (encoding)


5. Syllables

The missing key to spelling and word pronunciation is syllable division and syllable emphasis. Syllables are:

  • The most fundamental building block of words. 
  • More accurate at representing the connection between letters and sounds than normal phonics (phonograms). 
  • Hold the keys to pronunication and spelling patterns


6. Spelling

In this final section we combine the previous skills of the Alphabet, Handwriting, Phonics, & Syllables by practicing though Webster's carefully organized spelling lists. Help your child master the English written word, as they learn:

  • new phonograms
  • spelling patterns
  • pronunciation skills
  • and more.

A Homeschool Literacy Program That Makes Sense

Step-by-Step Video Course

Printable eBook & Extras

Family-Friendly Plan


The ABC Journey Video course is comprised of 6 different lessons, and 15 videos; giving you step-by-step instructions on the different skills of literacy.


Read the eBook on any device, or print it out. Either way, you have everything you need for your child's literacy in one book.


Purchase the course and get lifetime access for your whole family. No need to buy separate workbooks and materials for every child in your family.

Features of the Course

E Book

The Journey to Literacy e-book is printable, and contains a summary of how to teach each of the Core Skills- The Alphabet, Handwriting, Phonics, Syllables, and Spelling.

20 Video Lessons

The Companion Course includes 6 sections, with in-depth, how-to videos covering the various sections of the book

    Printable Resources

    Access the online content library for all printable practice sheets, flashcards, mp3's, and more.

    Course RoadMap

    No more guessing! Follow this systematic, step-by-step online course and you'll soon be reading and spelling with excellence!


      This course is self-paced. Feel free to go through this course at your own.

      Track Your Progress

      Every time you sign in you can start right back where you left off, with a simple click of a button. We also show you your current progress on every page. 

      Any browser

      Access this online course on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

      Knowledge Base

      Access to a growing collection of articles and resources to help you excel at reading, phonics, spelling, and more!

        Satisfaction Guaranteed

        If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course, contact me within 30 days for a full refund. I want you to be happy!

        Prep Stage: Pre-Reader

        Having a large vocabulary, good pronunciation, and basic phonemic awareness are all crucial in building the foundation for literacy. Before a child learns to read and write there are key things you can do to get them ready. 

        • Conversation
        • Reading
        • Songs
        • Games


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